Goomifier icon Goomifier
Goomifier allows you to liquify your pictures. It is streamlined to quickly allow to:
1) pick a photo from the photo library or take a picture
2) crop photo so unwanted part is discarded
3) liquify picture - alter it in any way it is desired
4) export it to another iPhone application or send by email


Eingoo Eingoo
Samgoo Samgoo
Eiffelgoo Eiffelgoo
Dogoo Dogoo
Dr. Goo Dr. Goo
Liberty Goo Liberty Goo
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Crop phase:
  • Hint: Rotate you device to landscape if you want to crop to landscape proportions
  • Single touch: pan image
  • Double touch: scale image
  • Tripple touch: change crop proportions
Edit (liquify) phase:
  • Single touch: morph a small part of image
  • Double touch: morph, zoom and twist a larger part of image
  • Triple touch: switch between editing and panning
  • Plus Button: add another animation frame
  • Movie Button: toggle visibility of animation stripe
  • Crosshair Button: remove current frame
  • Frame Thumbnail: set this frame as current
  • Shake: heal image - restore its original shape
Publish phase:
  • Share your image with friens by email or Facebook.
  • Store it in you album.
  • Publish your movie on YouTube.


Program Requirements

Important: Goomifier requires iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPod Touch or iPad with iOS 3.2 or newer.

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