Frequently Asked Questions:

Purchasing and registering software:

Q I have paid, but I haven't received registration information, why?

A The reason for that is almost always the same: spam filters. Your spam detection software has rejected email with registration information. Please check your junk folder if it contains this email. You can always request a new registration information using this page.

Q How can I purchase HexCat software?

A HexCat software can be purchased from eSellerate. They accept major credit cards, checks, cash and even more payment options. A short time after purchase is completed you will receive registration number that will unlock the full potential of software.

Q Why would I purchase HexCat software?

A By purchasing HexCat software you support it's further development: implementation of new features, fixing of existing bugs. The money you spent is also a gratitude for what has been created. Software creation is a lengthy process that requires a lot of time and resources.

Q How do I unlock (register) HexCat software?

A Please follow these few simple steps in case you have trouble with unlocking (registering) program:

  1. When you have purchased HexCat software, you should have received a registration number that is of a form: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. Copy this number to clipboard.
  2. Open program you wish to unlock and choose "Register" option in a dialog window that shows at program startup. If such a window does not appear, please go to program menu (the menu that has the same name as the program) and choose Register ... > Enter Registration Number.
  3. Paste registration number into Registration # field. Then there are two options: Register by Email or Register Now. Both methods lead to the same results. First option allows you to monitor registration process. Second option much quicker and more convenient.

Q My registration number is not being accepted by software?

A Please make sure that you have purchased registration number for this particular software title. Registration number are often rejected because they are not copied exactly. Please try to copy & paste your number. If it doesn't work, please send email with excat message that appears when you try to register software.

Q I lost registration number, what should I do?

A Please visit support page. There you will find a detailed information on what you should do.

Q I have no access to email account I used to purchase software with, what should I do?

A Please contact HexCat directly. Your email will be updated in server database and you will be sent registration information. You can learn more on how to contact me on support page.

Q Will I receive a CD with purchased software?

A No. HexCat software is being updated very often. It is likely that your CD would become outdated before it reaches you. Also, this way additional unnecessary costs are being avoided.


Q Is HexCat collecting any private information?

A Absolutely - NO. HexCat privacy policy does not allow private data collection. The only data stored in HexCat database is information needed to unlock (register) user software and resend registration information. No any other information is transfered, collected or stored. Some HexCat programs may occasionally check for a new software version. No information is being sent to the server and this option can be always turned off.

Q Is my email address well protected?

A Yes. Your email will never be used by HexCat to send spam to your account. Your email address will never be given to any third parties.

Software updating:

Q Can I send feature requests?

A Yes, you are welcome to send feature requests. All user requests are being read and analyzed. However, HexCat cannot guarantee that your request will be definitely added to the software. Also, you should consider a purchase of software before requesting any modifications to it - this is just fair.

Q How can I update software?

A Please visit HexCat download page from time to time. The newest versions of software are always published on this page.

Q Will software automatically check for updates?

A Some programs support automatic checking for a new version. All programs are going to support this option soon.

Q Are software updates free of charge?

A Yes, updates are free of charge. However, additional charge may apply when switching to next major version release. So far there was no additional charge at all.

Q Can I help somehow?

A Yes, you can help localizing HexCat software in your language. However, please consider that it requires your constant engagement in the project development. Software updates are frequent and some of them may require additional translations of a new text.